At the 27 August club meeting Jeff den Biesen told club members  about the 2018 RI Convention in Toronto, which he and his wife Willy had attended in late June.  He described the accommodations, the transportation, the convention venues, and the convention agenda: the general plenary sessions, the breakout sessions, and the House of Friendship. But most of all, he emphasized the fellowship and friendships made while 24,000 attendees mixed and mingled  at the hotels, on the trains, in the restaurants, and at the House of Friendship.  They never sat alone; conversations sprang up spontaneously between Rotarians from all over the world. Each attendee was given a Rotary bag; it was amazing to see 1000's of people walking about with their bags and to know that they all had something in common no matter where they came from or what language they spoke: Rotary.