Hannah Bates, our 2016-17 outbound youth exchange student, told us about her year in Germany at Monday's meeting. Just freshly returned, she spoke of the difficulty of leaving her German host families and friends as well as the many wonderful adventures she had while on exchange. 
Hannah lived in the small town of Varel in Ostfriesland, Lower Saxony, in the northwest near the north coast; she had two host families and attended Lothar Meyer Gymnasium, an academic high school. She participated in badminton and soccer  and also played piano in the school's big band and rock band.  As well she had the opportunity to travel throughout Germany and other parts of Europe with both Rotary and her host families. She had a wonderful year abroad.  She writes,  "This year has also opened up the world to me and made me realize what I can do and that I want to help. I cannot thank you enough: Vielen Dank."