Right after my last report, I left for Kals am Grossglockner, a ski resort in Austria for this Rotary district’s ski trip. Out of the 27 of us, only a few had skied before (including myself), but the others had lessons and everyone had an amazing time! 
The Alps were stunning, and it was sunny the entire week. Sadly that meant no new snow, but the resort made new artificial snow every night, so it was still decent to ski on. We also enjoyed Kaesespaetzle (dough-ish handmade noodles with cheese and onions) and Kaiserschmarrn (German sort of pancakes).
The next weekend, I got to try Bosseln - a typical north-German sport/activity, which consists of two teams taking turns rolling balls down empty streets, trying to cover more distance than the other team. Sort of like bowling, but on empty (very flat) farm roads (which north Germany has plenty of), followed by everyone eating Gruenkohlessen (cooked kale, ham, sausage, potatoes etc.) together. It was actually quite fun - it’s a very social type of activity and something they have all been doing throughout their lives.
I have also switched host families! I will definitely miss my last family, but I think it will be a nice change as well. My new host parents are super nice, and live in a very huge and very old house. I even have a piano in my room!
I hope things are going well in Salmon Arm!