Hallo!  Last week was the first week of the easter holidays, which I spent on a rotary “Youth week” trip in Bavaria (southern Germany). We were thirty exchange students from various districts, and together we had an incredible week. The first two days we got to explore the beautiful cities of Wurzburg and Nuremberg, which were both heavily bombed during the war but rebuilt to look the same. In Wurzburg we also visited the Marienburg Fortress as well as the Wurzburg Residence palace. After visiting Nuremberg, we got a tour of the Doku-Zentrum - the giant area Hitler started to construct for his new government and army. It was never fully finished, but you could see the plans and what kind of scale Hitler was aiming for.
We also got an amazing tour through one of the Audi factories, which was making custom-ordered cars and therefore used real people to assemble them. Our last day we visited a “Freilandmuseum”, which collected old farmer houses from all over Germany to re-create a few “farmer’s” villages from the medieval ages to the 19th century. After that we visited Rotenburg, an old walled city that seemed to be out of a fairytale. We finished up the week by making presentations on our countries (in German to the rotarians) and discussing topics from today’s crazy world. “Trump” was sort of a forbidden word that night.
Overall it was an amazing week, visiting incredible places and being with amazing people from all over the world. The Rotary Club Ansbach has been organizing/hosting this trip for thirty-five years now, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.
I hope you all had a great Easter!
Pictures:  left: Rotenburg, right: Wurzburg