Dear Donors, Volunteers and Friends,

This past year has been filled with challenges, victories, and new experiences. We are incredibly thankful for your support as we continue to take steps towards eliminating malnutrition in African children. Your gifts have contributed towards our efforts to spread Project Peanut Butter to over a million children throughout Africa and has enabled us to start a new project helping pregnant women in Africa also fight against malnutrition as we walk with them through their pregnancies and help them deliver healthy babies. Thanks to your support, you are empowering African women to value their own health and giving their babies a chance at a healthy life.

As we approach the end of 2017, we invite you to consider making an end-of-year donation. As we step into 2018, we hope to culminate new beginnings for women and children in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Again, thank you for all that you do. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Here’s to a great new year!

Project Peanut Butter