6 year old Pablo Alejandro is all smiles as he tries out his new wheelchair, a gift from our Rotary Club.  He was born with a congenital malformation of his feet and legs. He loves to play ball with his friends, but until now he had to drag himself along the floor to mobilize himself. Some friends heard about Transiciones and helped Pablito’s family to request a wheelchair so that he can attend school next year. When Pablito came to our facility, he told us with great excitement,” I’m so happy, it’s like having my own car! Now I won’t have to be on the floor anymore – and I can even carry my pets on my lap!”
The Salmon Arm Rotary Club provided US$4,500 to Asociación Transiciones in 2021, primarily to manufacture wheelchairs for children and adults with mobility impairments in Guatemala. The 10 beneficiaries ranging in age between 6 and 62 years are from very poor families; almost half of them are from rural areas, mostly in the northern underdeveloped departments of Guatemala. Most of the beneficiaries are indigenous Mayan.
Ana Ruth, age 11, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at birth,  and her mother has struggled all her life to provide for her daughter. Ana is finishing 4th grade in school. Her mother said, “We’re so grateful for the donation of this wheelchair, which will be a blessing and huge help for Ana. This past year during the pandemic she has been learning from home, so it wasn’t that urgent. But this coming year, all the classes are resuming in person, so she really needs a wheelchair that fits her so she can be safe, comfortable and mobile.”
6. Ángel, age 19 was born with spina bifida. His father died when the boy was just a baby, so his mother has worked hard to care for him all his life. He has sometimes had a wheelchair which enabled him to attend school irregularly, where he made friends who taught him to play basketball. When his wheelchair wore out, he was unable to go to school or play sport, so he was thrilled to discover that Transiciones could make him a new chair. He said, “It’s so important for me to have a functioning wheelchair because I have learned to mobilize myself independently. Thank you so much for the support you provide to me and to others.”
María lives in the capital. She developed cerebral palsy from a high fever at the age of 7 months. Her devoted carer was her mother, but she died six years ago, causing Maria enormous sadness and pain. Her sister commented that Maria’s physical impairment seemed to worsen after this blow. Years ago Maria had received a donated wheelchair, but once she outgrew it, she lost her mobility again. The family became aware of Transiciones through social media and requested a wheelchair to allow Maria to attend her therapy appointments securely and comfortably. “Many thanks for this wonderful assistance, which will restore Maria’s mobility,” her sister said.