Hello everyone!
The last few months of my exchange were crazy and whizzed right by, between the Eurotour, the Dokumenta exhibition trip, the Rotary District Conference, and saying goodbye to all of my friends and families. I also managed to meet up with Felicia in her home town of Enger! It was great to talk with her about her life in Salmon Arm, and to see how she was adapting back to Germany.
I arrived back in Salmon Arm  July 19, after 24 hours of travelling in my now very heavy Rotary blazer.

I cannot thank you enough, Rotary Club of Salmon Arm, for this amazing year. It has been another life that you have granted me, and I hope you all realize what an incredible and incomparable experience a Rotary International Exchange is. Not only did I visit lovely places and meet amazing people, this year has also opened up the world to me and made me realize what I can do and that I want to help. I am forever grateful that this club offers such a beautiful program and that you were able to sponsor me. Being able to be part of something so huge and so global through your generous club has been an honour, and like I said previously, I cannot thank you enough. Vielen Dank!
Hannah with her German family